Bahema Education S / A

The mission of Bahema is to promote innovative and quality education in Brazil, building one of the largest private group of basic education in the country. With thought-aligned education program in schools, training of criticism and self-employed people, Bahema believes will be increasingly relevant institutions committed to the formation of male and female students with critical thinking and resources to act in the world so responsible and conscious.
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School More S / A
schools network with the mission to bring the best education in the best schools practiced in Brazil for the largest number of students possible. Schools are thought, designed and built by a team of teachers with lots of experience in the best national and international educational institutions, transforming the school environment and creating a school more efficient, , more next, more engaged, more dynamics, more intelligent and prices more righteous
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Batalha is a technology company applied to the finance that has the mission to transform the way Brazilians invest through innovative strategies, researching and developing systematic investment products, assets and low cost.
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Minze Insurance

Insurance Broker founded, in 2014, with boutique concept focused on exclusive service companies and corporate insurance, especially the insurance of large risks and benefits and health management.
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Mint Battle Value FIA

Our vehicle to invest in aberto.Investimos capital companies in quality businesses at attractive prices and in order to generate superior long-term returns.
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