Bahema Educação S/A

Bahema’s mission is to promote innovative and quality education, building a private elementary education group in Brazil. Thinking in line with the pedagogical project of schools, teaching critical and autonomous thinking, Bahema believes that institutions committed to the teaching of students with critical thinking and resources to act in the world in a responsible and conscious way will be more and more relevant. 
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Escola Mais S/A
A portfolio of schools with the mission of bringing the best education practiced in the best schools in Brazil to the largest number of students possible. The schools are designed, developed and built by a team of teachers with experience in some of the best national and international educational institutions, transforming the school environment and creating a school that is more efficient, more committed, more dynamic, smarter and with a fair price.
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Batalha applies technology to the world of finance, with the mission of transforming the way Brazilians invest through innovative strategies, researching and developing systematic, active and low-cost investment products.
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Minze Seguros

Insurance company founded in 2014, focused on exclusive service for companies and corporate insurance, with emphasis on large risk insurance, benefits and health management.
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Mint Investimentos Imobiliários

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