Who is the Mint Capital?

We are an independent investment manager, founded in 2009 and registered with the CVM (The Securities and Exchange Commission), regulatory body of the Brazilian capital market. We aligned in our investment strategy Value Investing e Behavioural Finance. In all areas of operation, We can follow the essence of contemporary principles, innovation, humility, simplicity, knowledge, commitment, long-term vision and focus on good people and good. Our main objective is to maximize long-term real returns employing a disciplined investment philosophy, with a strong emphasis in the search for capital protection and safety margin.

How does the investment by Mint Capital?

The Mint handles all the management of their investments through a customized managed portfolio. But we do not have direct access to its resources, which are held in custody in third party institutions, as in the case of broker Guide. We have an integrated platform with the Investment Guide, through which we access a wide range of financial products, among which are CBD, LCA, LCI, Fixed Income Funds, Multimarket and Actions, Treasury Direct. We set up an investment portfolio tailored, according to your profile.

Who is the Investment Guide?

The Guide is a broker of securities, with tradition and credibility since 1967, where investments of our customers are under custody. The Guide's partners Banco BI&P e o fundo de private equity Warbug Pincus.

Why invest with Mint Capital?

We are dedicated to take care of your investments, without any bias or conflict of interest, with a simple process and in order to increase profitability, lower your costs, in addition to being next to you so you can reach your goals. We have a high long-term level of commitment to our customers. Here we do not invest for, but with our clients, side by side.

How much to invest with Mint Capital?

Our billing is done through a single rate, which is a percentage per annum on the amount of funds that are invested with us. But, in practice, this cost may be zero. Once we eliminate intermediaries in the investment process, we get the best return rates for each product and, therefore, this additional profitability allows you to have an independent manager at his side, working according to your goals, without spending anything more for it.