We search for Value

The only investing strategy that we know puts downside risk, fundamentals, and entry price at the heart of the process is Graham & Dodd Investing. That’s why we believe this philosophy, based on the purchase of bargain-priced securities and on a long term mindset, is the most consistent and risk-averse way to obtain good investment results.


We value or independence and our approach, therefore, will be often contrarian in nature. That means we will avoid high-flyers and glamour stories. Because of this, many times we will hold positions that make other people uncomfortable. Thus, being unconstrained in our approach is crucial so we can take advantage of the most attractively priced securities, of any type and size, regardless of market conditions. Hence, we will sacrifice asset growth over consistency, bargains, and an investor base who share the same philosophy.

Skin in the Game

The same way we only invest in management teams with skin in the game, we invest our own savings in the same businesses and investment vehicles as our co-investors.

We arre businesses analysts, not financial analysts

We operate in the financial industry but we are not of it. We have pride in not following its principles and methods.
We spend time and effort to better understand businesses models and its fundamentals, and not on complicated financials models as most market participants. We strive to understand how a business works, how it makes makes money and how insulated it is from competition
We have an owner mindset and invest our capital alongside owners as well.

We focus on fundamentals, not narratives 

We want to own businesses whose earnings power will likely be greater five and ten years from now and with which we would be happy to be shareholders were the market remain closed throughout this time, regardless of the current narratives and consensus. Besides, great companies can be bad investments if purchase price is not adequate.

As Ben Graham used to say, Mr. Market is here to serve us, not to guide us

We will pass an opportunity when we do not understand how a business works or does not meet our minimum required return.