description & Investment Objectives

Invest in quality business, at attractive prices, in order to generate superior long-term returns – employing a disciplined investment philosophy, a strong emphasis on the search for capital protection and safety margin.

Target Audience

The Fund is intended for general investors seeking real returns of long-term.

Investment Philosophy

We are Value Investors.

The only investment strategy that puts grounds, risk of loss and margin of safety in the heart of the process is Graham & Dodd. So we believe that this philosophy, based on buying stocks at bargain levels, together with a long-term view, is the most consistent and risk-averse to get good absolute returns.

These bargains typically appear as unfashionable and controversial actions, which are trading at their low, with performance below their benchmarks and peers, and are cheap both in absolute and in proxies of earnings and / or cash flow.

our process, therefore, It is often contrary nature. This means that we avoid actions in vogue with excellent results. That is why, frequently, We have positions that make many people uncomfortable. Consequently, terms flexibility is crucial to take advantage of the best opportunities, of any size or sector, regardless of market conditions. We are always willing to sacrifice growth in assets under management in exchange for consistency, bargains, and an investor base that shares the same investment philosophy.

investment horizon

Our horizon is long-term and our portfolio is slow-moving. We hope that the investment thesis materialize, average, in five years. this term, today, It is almost an eternity for the vast majority of market operators, to 'hold' their positions, incredibly, for less than a day. Therefore, we are judicious with our research process and the companies that make up our portfolio. We do our research entirely through proprietary analysis and primary information sources. In this way, each investee company that makes up our portfolio has a well-defined thesis.

Investment Process

The fund employs a disciplined strategy, focused on research to build your portfolio. We begin our analysis and stock selection through a model to select stocks unfashionable and cheap (undervalued) em um approach bottom-up.. We believe that these actions, depreciated and cheap, They will produce a higher return in the long run, if their growth to overcome the low market expectations. We believe that the markets are not efficient at all times and that individual and institutional participants have biases that distort behavior and opportunities for diligent and focused investors like us.

Risk Profile

The Mint Capital adopts an investment process based on proprietary research and fundamentalist shares in companies listed on the Stock Exchange, oriented value (Value Investing), with long-term horizon, and focus on risk aversion.
In this approach, the main risk for investors is the permanent loss of capital, due, mostly by:
(i) fragile business models and highly susceptible to competition,
(ii) high financial leverage,
(iii) excessive market capitalization, e
(iv) mismanagement.
Therefore, throughout the research process under review by the team undergoes a complete and detailed due diligence of the companies, its economic fundamentals, competitive position, and financial statements.

Application quota:


Rescue quota:

D+12 (corridos)

Application settlement:

Until T + 0 13:00

Rescue settlement:

D+3 (Useful) after share conversion

Minimum application:


Minimum drive:

there is no

Rescue Early Warning:

there is no

Administration fee:

2% per year (accrued daily, billed monthly)

Performance fee:

20% about a year IBRX (accrued daily, charged every six months)

Income tax:

15% on the nominal gain

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