Investment Management, re-imagined

We are an investment company that has, among its partners and co-investors, managers with financial experience and families with deep entrepreneurial roots and long operational track records. . Em nosso modelo, os sócios fundadores e as famílias são co-investidores e sócios diretos nos negócios e não simplesmente cotistas de fundos. Atuamos como main com capital alinhado e de longuíssimo prazo.

The traditional fund model generates several conflicts of interest. . Since the pressure to invest – given the high paid management fees – and to divest when deadlines will running out. Traditional management also suffer strong pressure for redemptions. Redemptions put pressure on investment management, change the manager's mind who cares about the “resource management business” and not acting as an investor and seeking the best investment opportunities. We, on the other hand, we have no obligation to invest and when to invest, We focus on creating value with the management of investee companies.

Although reference is made to families, We are not a Family Office – which has permanent capital and long-term – but it turns into a new business for the family, with high maintenance costs, difficulty in attracting talent and executives without skin in the game. moreover, Our goal is to find great people and businesses to invest and not just manage the liquidity of our co-investors.

We understand that this our structure has advantages for both the investors and the investees. This model eliminates potential conflicts of interest as well as aligns the horizons of investment businesses that need without the need for rapid investment exit.

Truly Long-Term mindset

The time horizons are key. Invest with a horizon of only 1 a 3 years as most equity funds does demand a totally different behavior of an investment 5, 10 e 20 years as can and they should do families and long-term investors.

Financial and Operational synergy

Our partners and co-investors are members with operational experience in business and desire to learn and continue to invest. Bring geographical complementarity and sectors.

This refers to what many of these families have always done, that is, operate and participate in companies. And all, without rule, They want to continue to contribute in making others grow business, providing financial and intellectual capital.

Might fail – The strength to do next

Investors-partners benefit from the scale of the same structure, share business opportunities and participate in the process making the investment decision, besides being able to act directly on Committees and Council of investees. As the history of these families a rule is operational, We complemented with our financial expertise.

Therefore, We not focus on raising AuM's (Assets under management) but people with different experiences, background and views that add value more than just financial capital.

We do not feel pressure to raise assets and nor should invest

Our philosophy demands patience and discipline and we prefer to sacrifice growth rather than quality and our principles.

Investment Value

Our main goal is to maximize the capital of our partners and co-investors, making investments in high quality assets, Holding with a mentality.

We employ a disciplined investment philosophy of value, with a strong emphasis in the search for capital protection and safety margin.