description,Objectives and Investment Policy

BACKGROUND aims to seek a return to its Unitholders by investing in Fund quotas MINT EDUCATION IN STOCK FUND, CNPJ / MF under 27.928.149/0001-91 ("Master Fund"), non-traded domestic market, with the commitment to concentrate on this specific class, both, the "MASTER FUND" must allocate a minimum of 67% of its investments in shares of BAHEMA S / A, and the percentage difference unallocated allowed to be invested in fixed income markets, derivatives and shares of other investment funds, We traded domestic markets, with commitment to focus on specific class, in compliance with the rules and the limits imposed by law.

Target Audience

The FUND is designed to receive, exclusively, Investor Qualified applications, in accordance with Instruction CVM 539, from 13 November 2013 (“ICVM 539/13”) and subsequent amendments.

Risk Profile

According to its investment objective, the FUND has committed to focus on equities and equity indices, may also incur exposure to the following risk factors: variable interest rate, fixed interest rate, price indexes, credit and derivatives.

Application quota:

D + 0

Rescue quota:

D + 60 working days

Application settlement:

D + 0

Rescue settlement:

D + 5 business days after the date of conversion

Minimum application:

R$ 30.000,00

Minimum drive:

R$ 30.000,00

Balance Minimum Stay:

R$ 30.000,00

Grace period:

The FUND has a grace period of 03 (three) years quotas for rescue purposes.

Administration fee:

0,015% per year (accrued daily, billed monthly)

Performance fee:

BACKGROUND have corresponding performance rate 20% (twenty per cent) the appreciation of the FUND quotas that exceed 100% (a hundred per cent) CDI

Income tax:

The Shareholders of the Fund will be taxed by the withholding tax, when the redemption of shares, the rate of 15% (fifteen percent) on income earned.


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Additional information relating to the FUND are described in the Supplementary Information Form available on the website of the ADMINISTRATOR, information to shareholders.

The information contained in this web site are not responsible for the Mint Capital, not constitute an offer to sell or funds nor indication or recommendation for the use of this information in applications or financial investments. The returns shown are not net of taxes and performance tuning, if there is. Investment funds are not guaranteed by the fund Administrator, the Portfolio Manager, of any specific mechanism or, still, the Credit Guarantee Fund – FGC. The Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability. The investor to carefully read the investment fund regulation is recommended to apply its resources. Financial Education Portal ANBIMA “how to Invest”( Call Center Investor +55 (11) 3280-9101