We look for, companies, that meet the following criteria:

  • Companies with sustainable business model, profitable and high
    return on invested capital
  • Established Niche Expertise, ., .
  • Outstanding Entrepreneurs and managers
  • Operating in sectors with good long-term fundamentals
  • Entry price (valuation) suitable.

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Our role varies according to the needs, staff and business growth phase. Our model is participatory and, Generally, support with:

Financial expertise: In addition to financial capital provermos patient and very long term, We support our business with financial structures suggestions, valuation of investments and divestments as well as reports and systems needed to support business growth.

Operational expertise: Our partners and co-investors bring operational expertise of decades in various industries and geographies that make it possible to support the business in its various fronts and needs.

governance: We help entrepreneurs to assess the needs and good governance and compliance applications, as well as the proper implementation committees and board of directors.

Networking experts and specialists: robust network of families and co-investors in various geographies, sectors and disciplines are often used in connections when needs arise.